Juventus: The third star will be added to the shirt

The Italian championship is entering the final stage. Juventus is in the final of the championship, but it is not in the top 4. The club is in a difficult position, because it has to fight against Inter, Milan and Napoli.
The team has already won the Champions League, so it is expected to win the next one. The main problem for the Turin club is the lack of motivation. The team has been in the Champions Cup for a long time, and it has already lost to the team of Allegri.
However, the coach of the team is always ready to change the tactics of the game, which will help the team to achieve the victory. Juventus has a good lineup, so the team will be able to fight for the title.

The third star of the club is Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player is considered one of the best players of the world. He has won the Golden Ball, the Silver Medal and the Champions Trophy. He also has the most number of titles.
It is expected that the Portuguese player will become the main star of Juventus. The player is already a great sensation, and he will help his team to win gold medals.
Main Intrigues of the Season
The season of the Italian championship has already ended, and the results of the games are already known. The teams have already played in the group stage, and they are in the middle of the tournament.
In the last rounds, Juventus was the first to leave the group. The players of Milan and Inter were not able to stop the team from winning the tournament, but the team was defeated by Juventus.
This is the third defeat for the team in the last three rounds. Allegri’s team has a difficult task in the remaining matches. The coach of Juventus has to find a solution to the problem of motivation of the players.
Also, the team needs to find an effective strategy for the remaining games. The season is entering its final stage, so there is a high probability that the club will be in the finals.
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Football Results of the Second Half of the Serie A Season
In Serie A, the teams are fighting for the place in the playoffs. The top 4 are:
1. Juventus;
2. Milan;
3. Inter.
Juventus is the most likely to win a place in next season’ s Champions League. The Turin team is the main favorite of the competition. The last season, the club won the tournament and was able to get into the Champions league.
At the moment, the main problem of the Juventus team is its lack of experience. The previous coach was the legendary Zinedine Zidane. The Frenchman was able not only to get the team into the final, but also to win it.
After the departure of the Frenchman, the results were not so successful. The results of Serie A were not the best for Juventus. However, the player himself said that he is not going to change his style of playing.
If the team wins the Champions, it will be the third time in a row. The first time was in the 1990-91 season. The second time was the year of the “Juventus”.
Zidane’’ decision to leave was a failure. He was replaced by the coach who was able get the club to the final. The Italian coach is the coach that has been able to achieve this.
Now, the situation in the championship is very complicated. The fans of the sport are waiting for the results from the matches. It is important to follow the results, because the team has to play in the next stage of the season.
The main star in the team’ is Cristian Tello. The forward has already scored a lot of goals for the club. The number of goals is almost equal to the number of points. The goals are scored by the player in the attack and in the defense.
Another star of this team is Paulo Dybala. The Brazilian player is the leader of the defense and is considered to be one of Italy’ ‘s best players. The defender is able to score goals. The most important thing is to show the game in the best way.
Allegri”s team is also very strong in the midfield. The leaders of the squad are::
* Gonzalo Higuain;
* Mario Mandzukic;

* Danilo.
All of them are able to show their maximum in the field. The game of Juventus is very interesting, because there are many strong competitors. The competitors include:
• Milan;
• Inter;
• Napoli;

The fans of football will be waiting for results from this season. It will be very difficult to win all the trophies, but they will be rewarded for it. The competition is very high, so each team will try to get to the playoffs and win the title that it can.
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Latest Serie A Results
The championship of Italy is entering a new stage.

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