The incredible goalscoring record of Lionel Messi this season

The Barcelona player has scored more than 100 goals in a season for the first time in his career. This is a record that has not been surpassed for a long time. The previous record was held by Diego Maradona, who scored 100 goals for Argentina in the 1990s.
The following are the incredible goals scored by Messi this year:
1. 100 goals.
2. First in the Champions League.
3. First hat-trick in the Spanish league.
4. First La Liga hat-tricks.
5. First Champions League hat- tricks.
6. First League Cup hat-tshats.
7. First Spanish League Cup.
8. First UEFA Cup.
9. First European Super Cup. The list of achievements of the Argentinean is really impressive.
It is worth noting that Messi has scored 100 or more goals in the previous 8 seasons, which is the most of any player in history.

The list of the most incredible goals of Messi this summer
The summer of 2018 was marked by the incredible goal scoring records of Lionel. The Argentinean scored 100 times in a single season for Barcelona. The following are his incredible goals:
* 100 goals scored in the Primera.
* First hat trick in La Liga.
This summer, Messi has already scored a record number of goals in La liga, with the following achievements:
• 100 goals,
• First hat,
* first hat-
tricks in the championship.
In the Champions league, the Argentine scored the most goals of any club in history, with 100 goals and the first hat trick.
Of course, this is not the only record that Messi managed this summer. He scored the following incredible goals in other tournaments:
· 100 goals at the World Cup. This record was previously held by Ronaldo.
· 100 goals from the European Championship.
And the most amazing of all, he scored 100 in the World Championship. The record was broken by Cristiano Ronaldo, who managed to score 100 goals during the tournament.
Messi’s incredible goals
In summer, the list of Messi� incredible goals has been growing. The Spanish player scored 100 matches for the Catalans, scoring more than 50 goals. In addition, he managed to win the Champions trophy for the club.
However, the most impressive part of his achievements is the fact that he managed not only to score the most, but also to score goals. The player scored the first goal of the season in the Champion’ cup, which was a penalty. This was the first of his incredible achievements.
Messi scored the 100th goal of his career in the first match of the new season. This goal was scored in a match against Valencia. The Catalans lost the match, but Messi scored the goal. The goal was a cross from the left flank.
“The Messi” has scored a total of 100 goals this season. The number of matches he played is also impressive:
‘’1st 100’’: “Messi” scored 100th match of his football career.
• 1st hat-
”tricks”: ‘‘Messi “took the first “hat-tray”’ in the season.
He scored the record number in the new year, too. The Argentinian managed to achieve this record in the European championship. He managed to do this in the EPL, the Champions cup, the Europa league, and the World championship. This season, Messi managed to break the record of Ronaldo, too, who had scored 100 for Real Madrid.
A look at the goals of the Argentinian Messi
The Argentinian has already managed to become one of the best players in the world. He is considered to be one of those players who can score the goal in any situation. Messi is a master of the penalty area and has scored many goals in this area.
Despite the fact, that the Spanish player is considered the best in the history of football, he is not considered as the best of all time. However, the following facts can be said about him:
● He is the best scorer of the Champions.
● He is one of only two players who scored the goals in every match.
If you look at his achievements, you can say that the Argentine is the main contender for the title of the world’ s best football player.
You can follow Messi‘s incredible achievements on the website of sports statistics. It is easy to do it, and you will not miss anything important.
Lionel Messi“s incredible football career
The Argentinean has already become one the main contenders for the best football players title. He has managed to get to the Champions, the European cups, the World, and he has scored the hundred goals. He also managed to take the first penalty, which he scored in his first match. Messi has managed not to miss any matches.
There are many football players who have managed to reach the 100 goals but have not managed to be the best.

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